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Tonentity Publishing of Hawaii is Announcing Four Innovative Products based on Scientific Discovery

Facts Never Known Before in Cognitive Science.

Designed from the Desire to Discover


Touchfont™ Interface

Involving a new form of writing with the standard alphabet, this system allows a person to express text on a smartphone with more pleasure and fewer errors. It's a more enjoyable and more efficient way of writing.



Based on our Modary System, this studybook and software provide tools and techniques for utilizing guitar. The guitar is not tuned evenly, so now memorization of guitar notes and patterns is easier than ever.


Shattered Story

With the Quatrains and Sixains of Nostradamus, as translated perfectly by Edgar Leoni, we are obtaining a special sequence that helps reveal their intended meaning. 23 years of ongoing research is making this possible.


The Modary System

In search of [ A Map of Music Harmony ] our company conducted 20 years of systematic experimentation and research involving a physical-science and perception-based approach, providing agility in all styles of music.


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A Product of Tonentity Publishing

Zach Pendulum gives an Overview of the Modary System™.

We are Seeking an Angel Investor

Contact us and become a part of Tonentity Publishing at the early stages of the formation of our company base.

  • Preseed

    We have invested over 20 years in order to discover these several problems in science and bring them to solution.

  • Postseed

    We need someone to enter with expertise and financing in order to form a foundation on which to continue to grow.

  • Development

    We partner with other companies while we build our team, and we become an entity that can produce for many years.

  • Product

    Our products are delivered and distributed as our company becomes prolific, and people appreciate the fruits of our labor.

Sample of Progress


See the Progress (before)

There is so much computer-system research in the Modary System: Zach Pendulum was given a computer-scholarship at USA at age 10, before the Apple2 came out.


See the Progress (after)

So many ideas and projects to [ work on / take on ] that the world could not wait. We had to learn so many things to learn about reality and what was going on.


See The Future

What we want to do now is bring our various products out as soon as possible. All of our products are designed to assist people to their higher acheivements.

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Touchfont Interface
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